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Passive income with crowdfunding - how does it work?
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How can you support a project on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform?
Platin Hero provides sponsors with a revolutionary crowdfunding model: for the first time in history, you can support projects without risking the loss of your funds. Platin Hero sponsors don’t need to send their funds anywhere – they simply freeze the funds on their wallets until the project financing deadline. If a project is successful, sponsors receive an additional ...
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How to launch a funding campaign on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform?
Do you have an idea, but no funds for its implementation? Congratulations – you’ve come to the right place! At Platin Hero, you can raise funding for practically any idea. The platform brings together sponsors from all around the globe, who are interested in supporting startups and young companies. In this article, you’ll find detailed instructions for launching your project on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform ...
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